1. An eCommerce website becomes your hub

The eCommerce website can serve as your business hub, even if your brick and mortar location is thriving. First of all, you need to get online. The eCommerce package we have for sale is a perfect start for any business it has no monthly fee and you can start your online shop and start selling your products right away, you only pay 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.

Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of setting up your own website. Even if you’ve never coded a day in your life you are able to build a website in no time! and if you’re not tech-savvy feel free to contact us and we’d love to make the website for you. Your offline and online orders and inventory will automatically sync in real-time using Square Point of Sale, so you won’t need to worry about overselling or disappointing customers.

2. It helps you gather information

Having an eCommerce website also provides an simple way to collect valuable data that you can use to entertain consumers and drive sales. Collect customer information by asking visitors to sign up for your email marketing list. This will allow you to connect with them later, putting your business at the top of their minds on future purchases. Having a website also gives you a vehicle for collecting valuable data on product interest, reviews, and searches.

3. It allows you to personalize the experience

Shoppers like to feel special. With an eCommerce website, you can learn what customers want and customize their experience. According to Salesforce, almost 80 percent of consumers want retailers to use their buying history to deliver customized deals. With an online store, you can enhance your customer experience with a personalized email.

5 Ways an eCommerce Website Can Improve Your Business
5 Ways an eCommerce Website Can Improve Your Business

4. It expands your reach

eCommerce website gives you a chance to promote your company more effectively by taking advantage of integrated marketing resources. You can also import your Instagram images so that shoppers can search directly from the image on your website — creating a clear customer experience through multiple brand touchpoints.

5. You can offer more customer service options

Finally, taking an omnichannel marketing approach to the eCommerce platform helps you to improve your goods and services by creating more buying opportunities. You may, for example, encourage consumers to buy a product online or to pick it up in the store. This feature is integrated into any eCommerce website we build, additionally and you can even notify customers of their pick-up time.

Adding eCommerce is smart business

The most important way to serve your customers is to be where they are. Fifty-one percent of people prefer to shop online, while 49 percent like to shop in an actual store. Satisfy everyone’s preference by adopting an omnichannel business approach with an eCommerce website. Message us anytime to let us create that website for you. You’ll not only offer the best customer experience but also make your store more successful by leveraging the insights you gain.

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